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Quora Consulting is a unique business consultancy and provider of strategic solutions. Our forte is inspiring business leaders to transform workplaces and work practices through precision analytics, compelling methodologies, and substantial research.


The pace of change to the way we work is accelerating.  This demands that leaders think and perceive in new ways – to overcome corporate inertia and dismantle the barriers to transforming their organisations. We implicitly understand that opportunities for innovation and investment must continually balance the need to act quickly while engineering the agility to stay ahead of the fast-chasing pack.

Release the potency of the Workplace Excellence Platform


Our online repository has more than 80 unique publications available for free download


Our unique cloud-based analytic metrics & methodologies delivers workplace investment simulations and work practice change in real-time.

Meeting the Future of Work i

Variously described as a step-change in transformation and akin to watching 3D workplace chess played out in real-time.  Find out more about this amazing capability...

Workplace Excellence Platform


Myths & preconceived wisdoms that fog work change

With the huge pace of workplace & work practice change that's taking place today, there's no longer any room for 'best guess', 'gut reaction' or past experience - this only serves to fog progress.  What's needed now is collective knowledge from within and outside the organisation.

Our Smartworking Summit at the prestigious Royal Society of Arts on 15th October convenes a stellar line-up of industry leaders to reveal their workplace transformation secrets.

Now into their second decade, Summits are a truly unique experience, far removed from the usual dull PowerPoint-centric gatherings.  Find out how to attend…

Recent publications include stunning "Meeting Future of Work"

They are compulsive reading for all involved in transforming work-places & the changing nature of work

Smartworking Summit